A Complete Thesis Management Tool

for Universities and Research Centers
Making thesis
Topic Finding
Topic Creation
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Upgrading Universities

  1. Generate powerfull reports.
  2. Increase your research output.
  3. Customize and upgrade all your thesis processes.
For Universities

Assisting Professors

For Professors
  1. Easily manage all your assigned or unassigned thesis.
  2. Save valuable time on managing implementations.
  3. Invite other professors and collaborate on your research.

Guiding Students

  1. Easily find or create unique thesis topics.
  2. Keep constant sync with your professor.
  3. Stay organized and follow exact guidelines.
For Professors

Digitalize your thesis processes and
save valuable time for all members involved.

How eThesis Helps at Each Step of the Process

In eThesis we support 2 thesis flows
from start to finish.

Select a thesis process flow.
View available thesis topics, fill the prerequisites, and request them.
Find the most interesting thesis topic.

Request thesis topics from a pool of available topics uploaded by your professors.

We help you find the most interesting thesis topics through eThesis's unique recommendation algorithm.

You can bookmark and save topics that you like for later.

All your thesis topics in one place

Easily upload and manage your available thesis topics.

Add prerequisite courses, grades or require the student to book a meeting for the request.

Finalize a topic with supplementary files.

Transfer and duplicate thesis topics between different programs.

See analytics on the process

Receive evaluation indexes automatically.

Admin Dashboard and analytics.

Monthly reports.

Create a thesis topic and propose it

Create and manage your own thesis proposals.

View your professors interests and choose the right one.

Receive thesis proposals

Stay organized in all your student's proposals.

Specify your fields of interest.

Upload completed thesis for students to see.

Elevate your process

Apply your existing thesis flows.

Specify rules that proposals needs to follow.

Generate statistics on the process.

Request a thesis topic

Quickly and easily apply to a thesis topic through our unique process

Each thesis topic may have prerequisites such as courses, grades, scheduling a meeting etc.

View all your thesis requests in a one place.

Once accepted, fill the necessary paperwork online!

Manage requests and save time

Easily manage all students' thesis requests and their status.

Directly assign a thesis topic to a student.

Find the best candidate for your thesis.

After accepting a request, complete the beaurocratic proceedures online.

See bottlenecked processes

Effectivelly match student interests with professors' topics.

Set rules and bearucratic processes.

Save time on administrative tasks.

Send your proposal to a professor

Firstly, select a professor that suits the general topic of your proposal.

Then select the proposal and send it!

After that you will have access to a Discussion page in which, you and your professor can communicate and make changes to your proposal.

Manage your proposals and discuss them

Manage your students thesis proposal requests.

Discuss the proposal in a shared space in the Discussion page.

Finalize and propose changes to the student's proposal and assign it.

Help your members collaborate

Give your students instructions!

Save your professor's time!

Fasten the process and fix potential problems.

Prepare and send your request easily


Track and organize any research or thesis

The best collaboration space for professors students and researchers!

Works with any research.

It doesn't matter the duration.

We got you!

A single place for all your needs
Transform the thesis implementation process
Multitask and stay in sync
Improve your work with Research Tools
Revisit completed tasks and start over


A simple, custom guide that fits any type of thesis or research project.

The professor chooses or creates the right methodology for you.

It consists of Milestones which in turn have multiple Tasks.

Each Task can hold nultiple files and has a mini-chat!

Return to any point in your thesis at any time!

Grading in eThesis

Easily assign a grade at the end of a thesis.

Multi-person grading by inviting other professors to your thesis.

If there are multiple people that have to grade (e.g. a grading committee) then, each one of them has to grade the thesis!
Grade and Finalize
Publish and Start Up!

Elevate and harvest your work

We will help you push your idea to the next steps.

Publish and join other researchers or make it a startup and dream big!

After all, eThesis was a thesis too !